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Jayine Consulting Inc provides Management Consulting to various corporations and entrepreneurs by preparing Business plans, feasibility studies and providing Market research. Our team comprises of corporate finance professionals and engineers with extensive background of advising and capital raising for clients in different industries. Our goal is to help business ventures achieve their full potential and stay competitive in the markets in which they operate. Initially a realistic feasibility study is done, then Canada Business Plan is prepared after which the loan and funding is arranged. Our additional services include taxes and accounting and IT projects.

We specialize in dealing with those who have great ideas but need a little help realizing their vision. Be it a first time business owner or budding entrepreneur, often the first step is the hardest. We make the process easy, comfortable and exciting. We will offer genuine advice as to the possible success of your idea and be transparent in our approach to building the foundation so your idea becomes reality! Some of our services include, but are certainly not limited to, business plans, business consulting, marketing plans, financial plans, market research, human resources consulting, mentoring, business coaching, executive coaching, change management, team development, strategic planning, research & development, QB training, policy & procedure development. Our specialization includes Business Plan, Loans, Canada Business Plans, IT Projects, Funding, Taxes and Accounting.

We specialize in preparing professional Business Plans Canada.  The need for business or services is established beyond any doubt. Once the mission is identified then the roadmap to achieve the business is laid down. The resources needed to create a successful business are identified. The financial are carefully projected to be as close to reality as possible. A pitch is provided for the investors or banks wherein they can truly assess the risk and reward. The strength and weakness analysis is carried out to cash on the strength and mitigate the risk involved. Any area of concern (whether it be in demand, market, production, management or operational) is identified and remedied. We also help in IT Projects, Loans, Funding, Taxes and Accounting. All the uncertainties in the business are reduced to minimum so that the investor’s funds are safe and yield best returns. Our efforts are to realize the true potential of the identified opportunity. We target Business Plans for ultimate success with stakeholders such as investors, banks, owners, customers, employees and vendors. So far we have prepared hundreds of Business Plans for various types of businesses and clients with investment ranging from $ ten thousand to $ Three hundred fifty million. Our past experience included handling retail, food service, trading, IT, manufacturing, real estate projects, and mining and energy projects.  None of the Business Plan has been rejected by any bank on the ground that it has not been done professionally. We not only prepare Canada Business Plans but create successes. Our financial part is also exhaustive. Our initial consultation is free. Working for many years with investors, venture capitalists, banks and lenders have given us an insight into their expectations. We encourage you to discuss your business idea with us.

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Business Plans
  • Investment Proposals & presentation materials
  • Business Model Designing
  • Strategy Reports
  • Market Studies
  • Financial Projections & Performa
  • Advisory on investments, loans and grants/incentives.
  • Taxes and Accounting
  • IT Projects

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